I AM WHO I WAS 1968-1981

Karel Fonteyne is an isolated case
We call these artists in the art world Einzelgänger
or sometimes Abseitigen.He is indeed an Abeitige.
A lonesome always searching finder.
He is not the maker of the nice card,no,the time stands still in his work.
The deep secret of what I could almost call random mastery lies in its self explored loneliness,in the flair at the discovering of all the forms
of loneliness.
He lives and works in a world that only he inhabits.
He feel save when he dreams.

It is a cold world full of dilapidation,they are rooms where he plays on a small stage,a macabre game with people and things,full of puzzles and secrets.
He alone holds the key to the lock of alienation and contemporary anxiety.
His world is not an underworld but an in-between world,where live and death live static together on the border of the non-existence.
In Karel's work a reality is created in the reality,a kind of infra realism,a screaming silence enveloped by invisible glass,a fragility without violence,a dream whose content you have already long forgotten.
He photographs the live you've already left.
The things that are no longer visible.
His work testifies of a surreptitious towing beauty.

Paul Snoek.Poet 1976

1968 - 1981
-Reëdition printed in 2005 from photographs taken between 1968 -1981
10 white canvas boxes (B) with each 20 different photos
Printed on Kentmere Art Classic(KAC) paper out of production)
format 40x50cm actual print size 26,5x40cm.
Signed and numbered ed 1/1
Sold as one unique work 10 boxes = 200 prints.

-A few artist proofs (AP) were made and are available
from the above reëdition.
Printed on Kentmere Art Classic(KAC) paper out of production)
format 40x50cm actual printsize 26,5x40cm

-There exist still some original vintage prints (VP)
printed on Agfa Brovira 111 (out of production)
in the years they were made.
Size 30x40cm,actual print 19x29cm.
Signed and numbered