The fingerprint of a child’s soul is the emotional imprint of his early reactions on impressions and experiences.
We are who we were.

"As a young boy I used to wonder through the twilight of the woods, strange feelings slipped into my veins as the universe
made me a witness of what one can’t tell nor describe.
I loved to build small camps with branches and cover them with dried gras,sitting inside gave me a very strong attachment
to nature :
Sounds,smels and movement covered me with a coat of inner silence and frozen motion it was like entering another dimension,
cuddling loneliness.
He started to read ,especialy the South american writers like Jorge Luis Borges,
Gabriel Garcia Marquez,Adolfo Bio Casares,Octavio Paz,Ruben Fonseca,Julio Corthazar etc..
as they were very connected to his way of thinking.
More attracted by the inner than the outside world, and after having seen movies from Bergman, Fellini and in particular ‘Fuglane’
by Terjei Vesaas which impressed himby the incredible pictorial description of the inner lives
of the three persons and the nature surrounding them, he started to photograph.
The ingredients of his photographs are quite dark: the unknown lonelines and the mysteries of the live-puzzle are never far away,
he likes to combine things who have nothing in common and gives them an unexpected meaning and direction.
"I usualy don't photograph what I see but how my mind reflects it".

1950 Koningshof - ANTWERP

Publication of 'Spell' 50 Years of Photograpphy
Retrospectif "The Circle' Art center Hangar Brussels

"Platina Prints" Ingrid Deuss Gallery Antwerp
"Faces" Artelli Gallery Antwerp
"Inner" Adornes Bruges

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Needles to pin

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Book Prayers for The Deaf, unpublished
-Black borders
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Paradise Lost

Edition BLack Earth Imschoot Ghent (
-Blue Hotel
-Il me semblait
Publication Sea Stars editeur De Cocker ( B )
French Vogue

Lullaby and other series

Hungarian Horses

1982 - 1992
Works as a fashion photographer ( B-I-N-FR-GB-US-J-GR-G-SP )
Amica - Bazaar -Linea Italiana - Elle -Marie Claire -Joyce -Vingt Ans - City Magazine
Max - French Vogue- Vanity Fair - Interview- New YorkTimes- Jardin des Modes
Vogue international - Manner Vogue - Elegance - Avenue Viva- Knack - Brutus
View on colour -World of Interiors - Casa Vogue,...

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